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Button batteries are tiny lithium ion batteries used to power electronic toys, hearing aids, calculators, watches, digital thermometers and many other devices children find irresistible to explore. Although the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates how devices are supposed to secure button batteries so children cannot access them, accidents are still occurring that involve children swallowing unsecured button batteries.

Ingesting a button battery can cause a child to become seriously ill. Fortunately, parents may be able to sue the manufacturer of the defective product and obtain compensation for their child’s medical bills and pain and suffering. If your child required emergency medical treatment due to swallowing a button battery, contact our law firm to speak to a button battery ingestion attorney today. Call The Buche Law Firm, PC today at 512-215-4997.

Signs of Button Battery Ingestion

Symptoms of button battery ingestion may not develop for several hours after a child has swallowed the battery. The electric current created by exposing button batteries to esophageal tissues does not happen immediately. If you suspect your child may have swallowed a button battery and the child starts suffering from symptoms such as vomiting, fever, stomach pain, hoarse voice, diarrhea, wheezing and difficulty swallowing and breathing, call 911 or take your child to the nearest emergency medical center immediately.

How are Ingested Button Batteries Located and Removed?

Doctors will order x-rays taken of the child’s abdomen, esophagus and neck. They will also check the child’s nasal cavity and ear canals to determine if the child inserted a button battery in either areas. Endoscopic removal is indicated when button batteries are lodged in the esophagus. When button batteries have been completely swallowed and are located in the stomach or intestines, surgery may be performed depending on the child’s condition.

Complications of ingesting a button battery include:

  • Esophageal scarring
  • Laryngeal nerve damage
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Esophageal stenosis (abnormal narrowing)
  • Tracheal stenosis


Another complication is called spondylodiscitis, an infection of vertebral discs that typically develops following removal of a button battery via endoscopy. Signs of spondylodiscitis include pain while walking, severe back/neck pain, fever and paralysis affecting the arms and/or legs. Treatment involves extensive courses of antibiotics and possible immobilization of the vertebrae. When conservative treatment fails to eliminate the infection in a timely manner, surgery may be necessary to correct defects in the spine caused by spondylodiscitis.

Reduce the Risk of Your Child Ingesting a Button Battery

  • Check all devices using button batteries to ensure the battery is secured and cannot be accessed without a screwdriver or other opening device. Children discovering loose screws or broken button battery compartments are the most common way they get hold of button batteries and swallow them.
  • Dispose of used button batteries properly. Wrap them in paper towel and throw them away. Never leave button batteries out of their package where children or pets can reach them.
  • Never tape or glue a button battery compartment shut. Even super glue may not adequately secure a button battery compartment. Battery buttons can fall out of taped compartments and fall to the floor where curious toddlers see them and think they are candy.

How an Experienced Button Battery Ingestion Attorney Can Help You Obtain Compensation

If your child suffered serious injuries due to ingesting a button battery that was not properly secured within a product, you may have a case against the maker of the product. Our button battery ingestion attorneys have in-depth knowledge and experience regarding the litigation of button battery ingestion lawsuits and will examine your case thoroughly to determine if you have a legal right to be compensation for your damages. Our attorneys have experience successfully litigating button battery cases in federal courts against some of the best law firms, and largest companies in the country. While no amount of money will ever compensate a family for the loss of a loved one, we have been successful in obtaining significant sums to address the tremendous expenses, mental hardship, and pain and suffering that are so needlessly inflicted on small children, and their families—who are left to deal with the consequences of shoddy, unsafe products.

Lawsuits involving ingestion of button batteries are expert intensive and demand both product and medical professionals provide input and testimony supporting claims of a product defect. The law office of The Buche Law Firm, PC provides aggressive representation for parents of children who have suffered serious injury from swallowing a button battery. In addition to gathering evidence, witnesses and medical documentation essential for winning your case, our attorneys will compassionately address your situation and advocate to for compensation necessary to cover present and future medical treatment for your injured child.

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