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The most effective medical devices and drugs on the market today have the potential to do a world of good. Sometimes, however, drugs and related medical products are released to the marketplace and deemed safe, but sadly, are not. In their quest to corner the market with a new drug or device and boost their profit margins, many pharmaceutical and device companies have often failed to perform adequate testing and research on a drug or device before releasing it to the public. Many of us have read the headlines about dangerous drugs like Thalidomide and Fen-Phen that were prescribed to thousands of unsuspecting patients. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only formerly-deemed-safe drugs that have devastated lives or even led to premature death.

Buche & Associates handles dangerous drug and dangerous medical device cases. The pharmaceutical and device companies spend millions each year for legal professionals to represent their own best interests, so we believe our clients should have competent, trusted, and diligent attorneys at their side too. If you believe that you or a family member has been harmed by a medical drug or device, you can turn to Buche & Associates to help you fight for the fair compensation you are owed.

Do No Harm

Healthcare providers are supposed to operate in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, a cornerstone of medicine since the 4th Century B.C. Upon taking this oath, new doctors must promise to use their ability and judgement to ” do no harm.” The oath also instructs them not to “prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice which may cause…death.” These sage words have guided the medical community for centuries, but regrettably, not everyone in this community heeds them. If a pharmaceutical company has failed to do its due diligence to create safe drugs and medical products for people, they must be held accountable. Clearly, if they are not, they will continue to release products without adequate warnings —and without rigorous safety testing.

Improper Testing

Improper and inadequate testing among pharmaceutical or drug companies is not an isolated affair. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies, it’s important to remember, are for-profit companies. While we like to assume that everyone in the medical community is committed to alleviate human suffering associated with health complaints or conditions, that’s just not the case. In some cases, satisfying shareholders, and finding new products to drive markets higher takes priority over safety in their corporate cultures. Certainly, it would seemingly benefit a drug company to create sound and safe medications to sell the public, and often they do incredible things that benefit the public, but there are exceptions where dangerous products are introduced and issues of side effects are only considered later after sales have been made.

In its quest to boost profits or be the first with a new product, a drug or device company will often work too quickly or will fail to take reasonable precautions before releasing a drug or medical device. Improper testing has led to many unsafe drugs and medical products being unleashed on the consuming public—often with a barrage of slick television and radio commercials, and clever names that suggest all the benefits of the product, but with the risks underemphasized.

When these companies fail to disclose that a drug or product can cause dangerous side effects, disease or serious health conditions, or even threaten life, victims deserve to be compensated. Some of the dangerous drugs to be released to the unassuming public have included medications like Acutane, Vioxx, Bextra, Cipro, Fen Phen, and Zophran. Some of these drugs continue to be prescribed, but only after the drug company has been forced to update its warnings and disclosures. Of course, many drugs have been found to be unsafe—even deadly—or have been banned altogether from the marketplace. Contact dangerous drug attorneys today.

Dangerous Medical Products & Devices

Defective medical devices kill and injure people every day. They can result in death and profound injuries. If the devices or products do not kill, they can often result in cancers, physiological disorders, revision surgeries to remove defective products, and tremendous suffering.

Some of these product are rushed to market under what are known as the FDA’s 510k pre-market notification, where they are not actually tested or independently approved, but are instead allegedly likened to other products known as “substantially equivalent” devices on the market that have been approved.

The list of defective medical products is extensive, and sometimes it takes a critical threshold of injuries, before anybody seems to listen. This has been the case with medical hip replacements, spinal implants, talcum powder (causing ovarian cancers), silicone breast implants, transvaginal and polypropylene physiomesh—just to name a few.

Buche & Associates Work for You to Get Justice for Defective Drugs and Defective Medical Devices

The dangerous drug and medical device attorneys of Buche & Associates are familiar with cases involving unsafe medical drugs and products. Like our clients, we’ve seen the slick drug campaigns and drug advertisements on television. You can scarcely watch the TV for an hour without being bombarded by ads for this drug or that drug. So, you can imagine how upset we feel on behalf of our clients when we learn about yet another drug that has caused hardship for them. It is unethical for a drug or device company to spend millions—collectively billions—on marketing endeavors yet fail to adequately test their offerings before release—when devastating injuries are probable. When it comes down to it, it’s a simple case of placing profits over people, and that is why we handle plaintiff’s injury cases.

If you’ve taken a medication or used a medical product that caused you harm and were not told about the product’s potential for harm by the item’s manufacturer, you may be entitled to compensation. We are committed to helping our clients fight these large corporations who, too often, put their profits before the public’s safety.

Achieve the Fair Compensation You Deserve from Defective Device or Drug Injuries

Recent cases involving dangerous drugs and medical devices have involved big names in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, Pfizer was forced to pay $2.9 billion in settlements in 2009. GlaxoSmithKline had to pay $3 billion in 2012. If you have a case involving a dangerous drug or medical product, we at Buche & Associates can help you whether you choose to accept a settlement or achieve a verdict. Fair compensation in these cases can award you with damages for an injury you received, a health condition that the product caused, missed wages, a disability suffered, and pain and suffering.

We Have the Expertise You Need

The attorneys of Buche & Associates are experienced in this area of the law about dangerous drugs and devices. They are familiar with the statutes and laws that regulate the drug companies. They know the legal process that plaintiffs must take to make their case—to hold the drug company, device manufacturer, or retailer responsible for these dangerous products. We are also willing to enlist the efforts and funding of other larger players in the community of plaintiff’s attorneys who care about consumers to take our cases the distance. Importantly, our attorneys include not only experienced trial attorneys, but they also have technical backgrounds in science. We understand the nuances of the technology, and can get past the jargon of the pharmaceutical, and medical device companies to find the true stories—which usually revolve around greed and reckless disregard for safety of the consuming public.

Our attorneys can guide you through the process to achieve the compensation you are legally owed. They are each attentive and will address all of your questions and concerns in the timeliest manner. Moreover, our attorneys are compassionate and devoted to helping their clients win.

Yes! We Offer a Free Case Evaluation

Buche & Associates has expert dangerous drug and device attorneys who will evaluate your case for free. They can help you determine if your case is viable and likely to lead to compensation. If you choose to proceed with your suit, you can expect our attorneys to put their considerable skills to work for you. When meeting with our dangerous drug or device attorneys, please be prepared to discuss:

  • The exact drugs you are taking and have taken
  • The devices you have had implanted and the dates of surgeries
  • The products you have been exposed to
  • The duration of your treatment with this medication or medical device
  • The injuries or health conditions you have suffered as a result of using the drug or product


In our quest to represent you to the best of our abilities, we’ll perform research on your behalf to learn about other cases involving the dangerous drug or device. We’ll strategize to ensure that your argument is both compelling and strong. We’ll take the pharmaceutical or medical device company in question to task, forcing them to answer for their defective product.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been hurt because of a dangerous prescription or over-the-counter medication or a medical device, call our office to schedule your free evaluation with one of our experienced dangerous drug attorneys. If you proceed with your case, we will work to help you achieve the damages you deserve—damages that may be related to your medical care, a disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If a loved one died as a result of a dangerous medication or device, we can help you in your quest for justice.

Please remember that in these types of cases, there is a statute of limitation guidelines. So, don’t put off discussing your case with us. We can provide you with the legal advice you need to know and guide you throughout the process. Take advantage of our free evaluation so you can learn about what you might be entitled to should you pursue your legal fight. You deserve aggressive, compassionate representation in dangerous drug and medical device cases, and you’ll find it with Buche & Associates.

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