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Duties of a Patent Attorney

Part of the duties of a patent attorney is to help clients and their employers obtain a patent, including drafting the invention description and the claims and making a case for why a license needs to be granted by communicating with the patent office. You can all of these and more when you contact the intellectual property attorneys at Buch & Associates, San Diego. Learn information  La Jolla, CA  .

Drafting the Description

You need a technical background to understand the invention properly and clearly explain to others to draft the description and the claims. You also need to analyze technical documents to spot the differences between what has already been done and the new invention and excellent communication skills to convince the patent office to grant a patent. And for your words to convey the exact intended meaning, you will also require both precise and careful writing. Discover facts about Benefits of Patent Protection.

More Duties of a Patent Attorney

Arguing with examiners and drafting patents is not the only job of a patent attorney since one aspect of intellectual property is patent. These attorneys, like those working at Buche & associates, San Diego, also require an exceptional awareness of copyright, trademarks, and designs. They need these other forms of intellectual property knowledge for qualification. They must also have the capacity to advise on commercial and technical issues across the entire intellectual property field.

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