Garett Gray

Garett Gray

Garett Gray – Disability Representative

With over a decade of experience as a disability representative registered with the Social Security Office, Garett Gray specializes in working on disability claims with a focus on former professional athletes, stunt performers, and individuals suffering from catastrophic accidents. With a breadth of experience in successful disability representation, Garett Gray treats every case uniquely and puts the needs of clients first – making him highly sought after by injured players, stunt performers, and those disabled following a serious injury or illness. Compassionate and professional, Garett works with attorneys at the firm on a range of disability and legal issues.  At Buche & Associates, P.C., we treat our clients with respect and consider it a privilege to assist them with tough issues.

Proven Track Record with Successful Disability Representation

Garett has proven credentials in helping injured clients. His relentless work and experience in the area have enabled him to help hundreds of individuals recover compensation for injuries and disabilities. It says something that most of Garett’s clients are referred from other satisfied clients, agents, advisors, and other leaders in the industry.

Comprehensive Understanding of Athlete Injuries and Disability

Mr. Gray’s thorough understanding of joint disorders, neurocognitive dysfunction, mood disorders, and spinal injuries has put him in a unique position to make sure the firm’s clients work with our legal teams to get the best possible outcomes. Garett has tirelessly worked to ensure that clients get medical care and compensation for disabilities and injuries. We believe in understanding every aspect of a case, so we are well prepared to help clients in the best way possible.

Professional Athletes and Disability

Professional athletes and stunt performers have unique circumstances. They may be highly paid, but they often have short careers, and are at risk of injuries and disabilities that can last forever. Apart from the physical harm, there can be a great deal of mental trauma when brain injuries exist. Buche & Associates, P.C. understands this, which is why we help athletes achieve appropriate medical and financial care.

Garett understands that clients who come to the firm may not be well-versed with legal terms. He uses his own practical manner, and plain English, to help clients work with firm attorneys to fully understand the legal process. He also provides a holistic view of other issues players may face along the way.

Part of a Winning Legal Team for Athletes

As part of an important legal team, Garett is always well positioned to assist clients in other areas of their lives where firm attorneys can help—for instance, in matters of financial fraud or business transactions. It is not uncommon for professional athletes to be targeted by scammers and opportunist. When this comes up, or is a concern, athletes know they are with a team they can trust. The attorneys and legal professionals at Buche & Associates know how to help athletes avoid these problems and can help vet the good and bad business transactions.

Focus on Honest Assessments of Claims

We realize that not everyone who calls will qualify for short and/or long-term benefits. We pride ourselves on providing each potential client with an honest assessment of his or her chances of obtaining a potential benefit. Many times, medical treatment can provide enough relief to help an individual enter back into the workforce. For athletes and professional stunt performers, that may mean having to transition into work that is less rigorous than the previous work. It is often not until an individual has been under the care of a physician that we can help determine whether he or she is capable of performing work. Our favorite part of this process is when we can assist a former athlete or performer with the transition from sports/entertainment into a new fulfilling career. Our philosophy has always been that an individual will always be happier working, as opposed to not being capable of engaging in those activities.

Contact at Disability Representative you can Trust

If you would like to set up a call with the firm, or speak with Garett, you can call the Houston office at 713-589-2214 or the Austin office at 512-215-4997. Or fill out a contact form below:

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