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Patent Agent vs. Patent Attorney

It is quite vital not to compare a patent agent with a patent attorney. While a patent agent may have the opportunity of performing similar tasks as a patent attorney, such as being a representative for their clients, they are restricted from doing that with other legal settings, including prosecuting a patent infringement. The USPTO recommendation is to hire a patent agent or attorney even though you can file a patent application yourself. Visit this link for more information.

Intellectual Attorney vs. Patent Attorney

When you need a patent lawyer, you must not hire an intellectual property attorney even when patents are a type of intellectual property. Intellectual property attorneys don’t necessarily have technical expertise, are not licensed by the USPTO, and have not passed the patent bar exam. Your patent lawyer can help you to prepare and file patent applications. They can also represent you in court for patent-related matters like infringement, reexamination, and licensing. They need to understand your inventions by being experts in technical areas like biotechnology or computer science. When you need of patentability opinions in court, you can turn to a patent attorney like Buche & Associates, San Diego. The law firm has several years of experience representing clients in patent-related cases. Read about Is Your Patent Search Worth the Cost here.

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