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Workplace Accident Attorneys in Austin, TX

Workplace Accident Attorneys In Austin, TX

At Buche & Associates, P.C., our team understands that accidents happen, but we want to ensure you never suffer from the negligence of another person. If you have been involved in a workplace accident in Austin, Texas, allow our legal team to provide you with one-on-one support and aggressive legal defense to protect your rights. Contact workplace accident attorneys today.

When Can a Workplace Accident Attorney in Austin, TX Help You?

Workplace accidents are not uncommon. Laws in the U.S. require that individuals have the right to expect a safe work environment. When something occurs and you suffer losses from it, it is likely that your employer is responsible for those losses. It is best to have a legal team by your side even if you have a simple claim. Without the help of an experienced and trusted attorney, you could end up facing a loss instead of getting the compensation owed to you.

How Can Our Workplace Accident Lawyers Help You?

Our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. has experience representing individuals who have experienced workplace and personal injuries. This includes a wide range of incidents in which clients have fallen, been hurt by machinery, suffered brain injuries, suffered back pain, been hurt playing professional sports, or developed complicated injuries due to repetitive tasks. If you are visiting a doctor and getting medical care as a result of something that happened at work, our legal team wants to help you.

Workplace Safety Accidents and Injuries

Workplace Accident Attorneys

When an individual is hurt on the job, he or she should seek immediate medical care. Your employer should help you to obtain that care as well. You may slip and fall. Some individuals suffer chemical burns and injuries, you may suffer a burn, electrocution, or a severe cut. In some situations, the employer did not provide you with the proper equipment to perform your job safely. In other cases, you may be at risk of injury due to the hazards of the job, such as wet floors or inefficient equipment. In all of these situations, our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. is here to help you.

Construction Site Accidents

If you work on a construction site or any job site, you are probably protected by basic workers’ compensation and worker safety rules as well. Your employer remains responsible for the environment in which you are working. If you fall, suffer an injury behind equipment, or otherwise have an injury related to the tasks on the job, you may be able to take legal action to reclaim your losses, even beyond what Worker’s Compensation allows.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents occur in many situations. These types of environments are high risk due to the equipment present and the speed of work being done. When a mistake occurs, it can cause a person to suffer significant injury including debilitating injuries, disease development from chemicals or dust, severed limbs or, in some cases, death.

If your employer did not create a safe environment for you to work in, they may be responsible for your losses. We encourage you to contact Buche & Associates, P.C. today to learn more about your legal options in this type of case.

Commercial Driving Accidents

Are you a delivery provider, a worker who uses a vehicle to go from one job to the next, or a truck driver? If so, your employer is responsible for your safety both on the road and when you are at your job site. In commercial driving accidents, employers may also be responsible if you are behind the wheel too long.

Allow our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. to work closely with you to address each one of your needs. As dedicated workplace accident attorneys serving Austin and the surrounding area, we can help you obtain compensation owed to you.

What Type of Compensation Is Owed to You After a Workplace Accident?

When a workplace accident attorneys, you may experience both short-term and long-term consequences. Even if you think you were in the wrong and made a mistake, that does not mean you should pay for the losses you are experiencing. Our team of workplace attorneys at Buche & Associates, P.C. are available to answer your questions regarding your specific injury. Take a look at some of the losses you may be entitled to compensation for after your accident.

Worker’s Compensation May Not Be the Only Compensation Owed to and Injured Worker

While it is true that Texas Worker’s Compensation laws are generally the exclusive remedy against an employer for injury or death arising during the course and scope of employment, there are exceptions to this rule where a plaintiff may still proceed in court for other types of relief and seek special damages. This is important because while Worker’s Compensation can allow for recovery of medical care and disability benefits, other types of damages may be available to a plaintiff who shows negligence of an employer and the case falls under an exception. These damages can include past and future lost earnings, medical expenses, loss of household services, pain, suffering, and loss of consortium to a spouse. Sometimes it may be possible to proceed against an employer in Superior Court because, for example, it is not always clear in what capacity an employee was acting—where an employee wore multiple hats. Sometimes an employee can also pursue an employer where the employee was harmed by a defective product at the workplace. Also, where an employer tries to conceal an injury of an employee to avoid paying comp claims, and the injury is worsened, this can also be an exception to the Worker’s Comp rules. In some situations, where one employee assaults another, these types of injuries can fall outside of the traditional worker’s comp scheme. Modification by an employer to safety equipment that result in employee injury by machinery can also be an exception to Worker’s Comp laws where you may still be able to sue an employer in Superior Court. You can also sue an employer who does not maintain Worker’s Comp insurance.

So, while Worker’s Comp is good and can help to provide some relief, other sources of compensation should be considered. At Buche & Associates, we do not handle basic claims of Worker’s Compensation, but we do handle exceptions to those cases where additional revenues may be owed to workers and they may need to be pursued in Superior Court against employers or other liable parties.

This is where Buche & Associates can help you assess your case. If you have a question about whether other avenues of relief, beyond basic Worker’s Compensation, are available, you should call us for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death

When an employee dies on the job or doing work-related tasks, it may be the responsibility of the employer to compensate the family for the loss. There is no level of financial compensation that can help you to recover your loved one or to deal with that loss. However, our team can help you to learn what financial compensation is available to help cover your needs. Your loved one’s financial compensation is more than his or her medical bills, though. It may include potential lifetime wages that he or she would have earned.

Medical Bills

After workplace accidents, workers’ compensation insurance should cover the accident-related medical bills you have. This includes costs related to emergency room visits, ambulance rides, short-term medical care, long-term medical care, and any specialist care you need as a result of the incident.

Lost Time at Work

Did you miss work for some time due to the injury? Perhaps some of your benefits are in jeopardy due to the incident? Allow our team to calculate the amount of money you lost while healing as well as working through medical appointments or court appointments related to the matter.

Our Attorneys for Workplace Injury in Austin, TX Are Available to You

At Buche & Associates, P.C., we pride ourselves on helping our clients obtain financial compensation. Let our team determine your losses after a workplace accident. Visit us at our main location in Austin, Texas, or at our other location in Houston, Texas. If you are suffering due to another person’s mistakes, allow our team to help you. Schedule a free consultation by calling 512-215-4997

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