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Fee Schedules

Telephone Consultation
A registered patent attorney will return your call. Call 888-606-1077 or fill out the online form. Free.

Patent Search & Patentability Opinion
Classification-based search of U.S. and International patent databases and patentability opinion letter from a registered patent attorney. These searches are not outsourced, but are done internally by attorneys who study your invention. $2500. Start your patent search now by clicking here.

Utility or International PCT Patent Application
The price of a utility patent application varies depending on complexity of the invention. These are average attorney fees for completed of initial application. There are government and draftsperson fees in addition to the base initial attorney fees.

Mechanical Patent Application. $8,000-12,000

Chemical, Complex Mechanical, Electrical, Software & Business Methodologies. $14,000

Design Patent Application
Design patents are granted for new, original and ornamental designs for an article of manufacture. These patents protect only the look and appearance of the article and they last 15 years from the date of issuance. $3000 + Government Fees & Professional Drawings. Hourly rates are charges for post filing, and government issue fees are additional fees.

Patent Invalidity / Infringement Opinion, Search & Assessment
Send us a patent of interest and we will conduct a prior art patent search, and deliver an opinion focused on validity or infringement. To request a quote for this service and provide us with a patent in question, click here. An attorney will respond within one business day after submission of the form. $15,000-20,000 are typical fees for opinions for mechanical or moderately complex patents.

Copyright Filing
Protect your artistic expressions through copyrights. $350 per hour preparation, plus government fees. Typical single work application: $700 to file.

Trademark Search (USPTO Database)
$900, Have an attorney registered with the Patent & Trademark Office conduct your search of USPTO databases and render an opinion about the registrability of your proposed trademark.

Trademark Search & Opinion (Comprehensive U.S. Availability Search)
$2000, a comprehensive search report of trademark databases, common law sources, matching ownership records, and a legal opinion about availability from one of our attorneys.

Trademark Search (Advanced)
If you are looking for a custom trademark search and legal analysis for purposes of brand expansion, brand availability, common law, company names, or foreign trademarks, please call to discuss with a trademark attorney. We will listen to determine your specific needs and quote a price that accounts for your specific legal needs.

U.S. Trademark Application
Have an attorney prepare and file your application.

  • Actual Use Trademark Application
    $1000, plus government fees ($250-$350 per class).
  • Intent-to-Use Trademark Application (Rights Reservation)
    $1000, plus government ($250-$350 per class).


CA, TX, AZ, or WY Trademark Application
$1000, plus government filing fees ($15-100 per class).

Madrid Protocol International Filing
Please contact our office to receive a fee quote for Madrid Protocol filings specific to your case.

Hourly Litigation & Transactional
Hourly rates are charged for most litigation and transactional matters. Rates vary based on the legal services performed and experience of the legal professionals performing legal work. $25,000-$50,000 retainers are typical for litigation matters depending on the scope and type of case.

Attorney time: $275-$650 per hour.

Paralegal/law clerk: $150 per hour.

Fees are approximations for preparation of applications. Rates may vary depending on invention complexity. Hourly rates are charged for responding to office actions to patents and trademark applications. We are not permitted by law to guaranty the results on a particular legal matter or that you will receive a patent or trademark. Information on this website is informational only and is not intended to be legal advice or intended to create an attorney-client relationship.