Experts in Patent Law

Serving clients in the Austin area, Buche & Associates, P.C. provides expert and skilled legal services. Pursuing their clients’ interests aggressively, the firm specializes in protecting intellectual property rights, including patents. The legal team strives to achieve each client’s ultimate goals, offering their extensive expertise in pursuit of a satisfactory conclusion to each case.

Collectively licensed in the states of Texas, the 5th Circuit, 9th Circuit, Federal Circuit, the United States Supreme Court, as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Austin patent attorneys at Buche & Associates bring decades of experience to bear for their clients. With experience in both patent litigation and patent acquisition, the legal team has a keen understanding of the nuanced issues that are associated with patent litigation.

The Complexities of Patent Litigation

Parallel administrative venues, “prior art” issues, patent validity, and administrative patent procedures that affect patent protection are all concerns with which the skilled Austin patent lawyers are able to offer their expert aid. Though such cases can often linger on due to the complex nature of patent law, a keen understanding of these critical issues can present a swift resolution instead. The patent acquisition attorneys at Buche & Associates are skilled in patent litigation, and utilize their knowledge and skill to the fullest when drafting the strongest possible patents.

A unique part of intellectual property law associated with new inventions and designs, patent law can cover a broad range of patents for a variety of items that include:

  • mechanical inventions
  • coding algorithms
  • designs
  • fabrication methods
  • living organisms
  • some proprietary business practices

Patent law is complex, and it is often unclear as to what is eligible for patent protection under the law. Familiar with both utility patents and design patents, the patent attorneys at Buche & Associates have the experience and expertise to handle cases that involve any of these patent types, offering protection for their client’s invention.

Let Your Lawyers Fight for You

Buche & Associates, P.C. provides their clients the aid of experienced patent lawyers with advanced science and engineering backgrounds with technologies that include mechanical, electrical, biology, chemical, environmental, and aerospace disciplines. Representing a wide array of clients, the Austin patent attorneys provide expert legal counsel. Experts at filing complex applications and litigating complicated infringement cases, the Sand Diego patent lawyers of Buche & Associates are well equipped to handle each client’s legal needs.

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