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In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s common for people to think of innovative ideas and inventions. And, with what seems like unlimited access to information via the internet, many people think they can handle the patent process themselves, without a patent attorney. But, doing-it-yourself (DIY) might be a mistake, since obtaining a patent is complicated and time-consuming.

Here are some of the dangers of a DIY patent:

Ignorance of Patent Laws:

Patent laws and Patent Office regulations are complex and continually changing. Without a thorough understanding of the law and the patent process, a DIYer may miss important deadlines or file an incomplete application, which can ultimately lead to the patent being rejected.

Unsatisfactory Research

It is advisable to conduct a thorough search of existing patents and prior art to ensure that your invention is truly novel and non-obvious before filing for a patent. This can be a tedious, unfamiliar, complicated and time-consuming process for a DIYer, but an experienced Austin Patent Attorney can conduct a thorough search and provide you with a professional opinion on the chances of obtaining a patent.

Improperly Drafted Ownership Claims:

Patent ownership claims define the inventor’s patent right, and they must be carefully drafted to accurately and adequately describe the scope of the invention and what is protected by the patent. Improperly drafted claims lead to the patent being off-target or easy to get around, reducing the value of the patent or leading to its rejection.

Incomplete or Incorrect Details:

A patent application requires a significant amount of details, including drawings, descriptions of a preferred embodiment or prototype, and ownership claims. Incorrect or incomplete information can result in a rejected application or worthless patent.


DIYers may think they are saving money, but this type of thinking doesn’t account for the cost of fixing mistakes or correcting issues. The patent process can take years, and down the line, costs of errors and corrections can quickly add up and delay the process. Hiring a Patent Attorney in Austin, Texas has costs, but it could end up saving your time and money in the long run, as attorneys can better ensure that your patent is obtained in the most timely, efficient, and effective manner possible.

It may seem like a good idea at first to try a DIY patent, but the dangers of doing so can have serious consequences. If you invented something or have an idea that you believe has commercial potential, it is always advisable to consult with a patent attorney to ensure that your patent application is properly prepared and filed.

Bryce Johnson is a patent lawyer and partner in the Austin, Texas office of Buche & Associates, P.C.
phone: 512-215-4997