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Copyrights protect artistic expression. They can also protect software, screen interfaces, written works, sculptures, and music. Whether you’re seeking to protect a unique piece of art or facing infringement threats, having a good copyright attorney in your corner is critical.

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The attorneys of Buche & Associates, P.C. are experienced in the realm of copyright law. We have secured copyrights for our clients, licensed copyrighted materials, and litigated cases of copyright infringement on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Copyright Protections and Registration

At the most basic level, copyright is a right of ownership given to every artist and creator who puts his or her work in a tangible medium. You don’t have to perform any specific actions to have copyright cover your original work, but officially registering your copyright can make things easier if someone else steals your work at some point in the future. A registered copyright gives you some additional legal options, such as being able to ask for “statutory damages,” reasonable attorneys’ fees, and litigation costs if you do need to go to court. In some situations, copyright infringement can even rise to the level of criminal charges. Having a registered copyright can help you in those situations. Also, having a registered copyright is now a condition of filing a case in federal court.

A Copyright protects the original expression of an idea that has been reduced to a tangible medium, i.e., a book, song, sound recording, website, architectural work, movie, sculpture or computer program. Copyright exists from the moment of creation and when the expression is fixed, regardless of whether a Copyright is registered with the Copyright office. Copyrights extend to protect the following exclusive rights of the owner to the original work:

  • Reproduction
  • Distribution
  • making derivative works
  • Display
  • Performance


Transactions Involving Copyrighted Work

At Buche & Associates, P.C., we have experience with a host of copyright related transactions, from licenses, to asset sales, royalties and assignments. We can work with you to ensure that in any purchase or sale of copyrighted materials, that you license, acquire or sell the whole work–or a desired portion. For example, when a business pays to have a website developed, unless it is structured as a “work for hire” ownership may not be clear. Even many lawyers forget to give due concern to these specialized issues. Buche & Associates, P.C. is qualified to evaluate such contracts to ensure that the intellectual property rights are all accounted for and assigned as the case may require in the Copyright Office or United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Copyright Litigation Expertise

If a defendant has violated Copyrights, or alleged violation of copyrights, Buche & Associates, P.C. can represent your interests. Copyright litigation proceeds in federal courts and sometimes in arbitration settings. Based in San Diego, California, Buche & Associates, P.C. is well versed and experienced with copyright infringement litigation.

On copyright litigation matters, we have represented both sides—plaintiff and defendant. We have handled copyright cases through the United States Supreme Court, and won. If you think someone has infringed on your existing copyright, or you have been accused of infringement, or received a cease and desist, or DMCA take down notice, then you need a skilled copyright attorney to help you assess and respond to the matter.

We have considerable experience handling issues of copyright infringement and licensing for industries such as music, engineering, toys, games, software, graphic arts, photography, websites, bit torrent video piracy, and counterfeiting.

Damages for Copyright Infringement

The damages in intellectual property disputes can be difficult to quantify, but experienced copyright attorneys like those at Buche & Associates, P.C. can help you determine what damages may apply. In some cases, damages will be calculated as “reasonable royalties,” while in other cases “statutory” damages for registered works, or lost revenues may be sought. Economic damages caused by infringements can be tallied up, and sometimes additional enhanced damages on top of those may exist if infringements are willful.

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Whether you’re an experienced artist dealing with contract and licensing issues, or a business grappling with complicated infringement issues, the copyright attorneys at Buche & Associates, P.C., can provide the expert legal advice and assistance you need. We offer free initial consultations to help assess your copyright issue. You can contact us at any of the locations below in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Houston, Texas.

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Byron Ma is of counsel to the firm in San Diego. Byron has experience with patent prosecution matters as well as patent, trademark, and copyright litigation.

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