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Buche & Associates, P.C. is a trademark law firm in San Diego, California. Our team of trademark attorneys has decades of experience helping clients with registering trademarks and litigating trademark infringement, business, and unfair competition cases. If you are facing any type of concern regarding your trademark rights, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Protecting Your Trademarks with Our Business and Trademark Attorneys

You have worked hard to build your business, so it makes sense to protect it. This should include protecting your company’s identity, brands, and any other assets. Our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. can help you learn where your trademark rights exists, what limitations are present, and how to aggressively protect your company through carefully crafted trademark strategies.

Trademark Registration

Are you ready to trademark your company’s name or take steps to protect your business’s branding? If so, our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. can help you to achieve these goals. This includes helping you to identify trademarkable assets, and select trademarking strategies most likely to secure strong registrations. We can help you select and search names that are less likely to cause conflicts with other businesses. We can also help you to register your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, giving you the legal protection you need. If you need international registration of your trademark, we can also help you in that area.

Trademarks are often cornerstones of building solid businesses. Trademark portfolios can enhance the value of your business and increase the likelihood of stopping would be competitors from trading on your reputation. Registered trademarks are useful for stopping counterfeiting, stopping infringing imports, and stopping use of your brands for online shopping and across sales platforms such as Amazon®, eBay®, Etsty®, etc. If you have a registered trademark, it will make it easier to remove cyber squatters from URLs and other online search engines where they might try to edge in on your market share.

Unlike many of the popular discount “filing services” that take your money and file a trademark application that is likely to get rejected (with little thought of the competitive landscape), our attorneys take the time to look at developing real trademark strategies. Because we are experienced trademark attorneys, we know in advance many of the pitfalls to registration, and can avoid them. If you care about your brands, you should know that taking the cheapest route can often cost you more later. You may get exactly what you pay for. For this reason, we do not endeavor to compete with those sub-par filing services with little to no attorney oversight. We know full well, from fixing mistakes of some of those services, the consequences that poor trademark selection strategies can have in terms of expense and on enforcement efforts later. Our firm focuses instead on providing real trademark legal services, providing a true value to our clients, and for reasonable prices.

Protecting Your Trademark with Our Attorneys

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for companies to find their protected brands being used unlawfully. This is not always done intentionally, but when it occurs, it is important to address the violation. That is because it could eventually have an effect on your business. At Buche & Associates, P.C., our trademark attorneys in San Diego, CA, and Houston, TX can help you to stop infringement from occurring.

Our attorneys can help your business spot problems with your trademark’s use. This includes helping you with best practices for your own use of trademarks, and helping to identify and stop unauthorized uses of your brands. If episodes of trademark infringement or counterfeiting arise, our aggressive, dedicated legal team can take action to correct it. This can include sending cease and desist notifications. It may include filing an infringement lawsuit against responsible parties, or taking steps through law enforcement agencies to stop illegal activities—in the most egregious cases. This can be done at the state or federal court level depending on the unique situation.

Aggressive Experienced Trademark Attorneys Serving San Diego, CA

Trademark law requires experienced attorneys. At Buche & Associates, P.C., we are extremely experienced in this realm. This area of the law can be somewhat hard to understand and even harder to navigate if you do not have the knowledge and experience in the area as we do. Our team of trademark attorneys has handled trademark filings and litigation at all levels. In addition to having registered countless trademarks, we have handled disputes in state courts, federal courts, and administrative settings such at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) where we have litigated cancellation and opposition proceedings. We have handled trademark disputes and successfully resolved infringement disputes that have spanned the country and the world.

Comprehensive Service for Trademark Needs

Buche & Associates, P.C. provides comprehensive trademark legal services. We can do this because we understand the transactional nuances of trademark registration, as well as the tactical considerations of litigating complex IP infringement matters. We provide you with all of the support you need including in the following areas:

Trademark Searches and Opinions

If your business would like to reduce the likelihood of a trademark infringement dispute with another company, it is usually advisable to perform trademark searches as part of the registration process. We have trademark searches that are geared for registration, and searches designed to avoid infringement issues down the line. We provide comprehensive opinions, if requested, about the likelihoods of achieving registrations, having conflicts, and how to best attempt to avoid conflicts.

Trademark Infringement Opinions

If there is a concern for a trademark infringement, we can help advise you about the likelihood of a problem, and provide the follow up advice of how to negotiate the issues that arise. We do this with trademark infringement opinions. If you are considering legal options concerning your company’s name or your business’s products, our team can handle the research for you, and provide you advice based on our experience. In this area, our goal is to help you minimize risks that you may infringe upon the rights of another party, or alternately to assess how strong a case you may have against others who are using your trademarks or brands. In other instances, we can help you make intelligent choices on how to manage a matter where trademark infringement may have occurred and damages from the event need to be controlled. We are equally well versed representing plaintiffs and defendants. Having represented all sides, this helps us anticipate the issues you may have and how they will be viewed by your adversary.

Trademark Infringement Watches

It is important for companies to monitor the use of their trademarks by others. Failure to do so can cause financial harm and erode the strength of your brands. Unchecked infringements can actually destroy a brand and the value of those brands to identify your company. We can help you prevent this situation. Our team at Buche & Associates, P.C. has the resources and tools to provide periodic market scans to find and then address a variety of infringement activities that could affect your business.

International Trademark Support

At Buche & Associates, P.C. we have experience helping clients in need of establishing and protecting trademarks outside of the United States. In some cases, we may employ procedures in the Madrid Protocol, or we may harness our foreign associate relationships in other jurisdictions.

Do You Have a Trademark Litigation Case?

In trademark litigation, Plaintiffs typically seek to stop infringing use of the trademark, stop imports bearing the trademarks, or they seek monetary damages for lost sales, profits, or attorney fees. If any business or individual is using your trademark or logo, or alleging that you are infringing their trademark, it is important to consult with attorneys familiar and experienced with trademark litigation. Buche & Associates, P.C. has the expertise and experience you need in dealing with all issues of a claim of trademark infringement or unfair competition.

We have handled trademark infringement cases in state court, federal court, and in parallel actions at the TTAB. We understand how to litigate the cases and have done so for decades, in courts spanning the country, and against law firms large and small. We use the latest software to manage dockets, and streamline discovery. We are comfortable helping individuals, large companies, and fighting adversaries of all sizes. We are not only litigators, but experienced trial attorneys, so we will be pleased to advocate your case to a judge or jury if it becomes necessary to do so to achieve a successful result. Our hourly rates are reasonable, and you will find our billing practices straight forward and honest.

Based in San Diego, California and with offices in Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, Buche & Associates, P.C. is well equipped to handle your trademark infringement, business, or unfair competition case. If you need an experienced trademark attorney, do not hesitate to call our offices.

Our trademark attorneys in San Diego can help to evaluate and manage instances in which there may be a violation of trademark rights. We help people who need to enforce trademark rights, and we also help persons or businesses who may have been accused of trademark infringement or unfair competition. We’ve seen the disputes from both sides, so we often will know what your adversaries are considering. We will consider all aspects of the case, and provide you clear information about your options, including how similar the marks are, the nature of the good and services themselves, the strength of the trademark, and other factors.

Seeking Help from Your Trademark Attorneys in Houston, TX and San Diego, CA

Our team is committed to working closely with you. You have the right to protect your business and to be aggressive in taking action when a case of trademark infringement matter is at issue. Our team is here to guide you and offer support. We encourage you to contact our team today to learn more about your legal options.

At Buche & Associates, P.C., we are here to help you. Visit our main office in La Jolla, California or our other locations in Los Angeles, California and Houston, Texas. You may contact our team to learn more about trademark law and your rights by calling 858-459-9111. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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